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Halloween Story

Title: Night of OC Terror
Character Focus: Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Genre: Horror/Humor
Rating: T for coarse language, crude subject matter and violence
Summary: While taking a walk on a dark autumn evening, Henry Jekyll is being stalked by his worst enemies, a swarm of OCs! A story for Halloween.
Disclaimer/Note/Warning: All League characters are borrowed and there are only slight references to the OCs from all those Jekyll/OC stories seen everywhere. Also, this story was meant to be funny/scary and it was just something I wrote for fun. Just imagine all of those OC characters stalking poor Jekyll like zombies in a lame horror film. Yeah, this might get slightly offensive, so I do not want to see any complaints. Oh yeah, there's a guessing game at the end! 0_~

(There's More Under the Fake Cut)
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