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Strange that a gaze from a child should be so cold.

Title: The Child's Gaze
Category: LXG
Character Focus: Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, and Quincey Harker
Rating: K+ for certain matters
Summary: Pre. League short story. Dorian meets Mina at her house, where he is introduced to her small son. By seeing the child's gaze, Dorian soon realizes that he is not liked by the boy.
Note: Just something for the Halloween mood, and while I'm trying to plot the next few chapters of Clash of the Shinobi. I just read Dracula the Un-Dead and Bloodline, I did like how Quincey was portrayed in them as a vampire or half-vampire, so I am writing him in through Dorian Gray's perspective. It is possible that Mina might have introduced Dorian to Quincey, but the boy didn't take a liking to Mr. Gray.

(Under the Fake Cut)
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