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Copper and Gold

Title: Copper and Gold
Category: LXG and Sally Lockhart Series
Character Pairing: Henry Jekyll/Sally Lockhart
Genre: Romance and Drama
Rating: M for sexual scenes
Summary: Sally Lockhart learns that she can find love again when she and Henry Jekyll share a night together.
Disclaimer/Author's Note: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is copyright 20th Century Fox, based on the comic book by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Niel. Dr. Henry Jekyll is copyright of Robert Louis Stevenson. Okay, I'm going to admit that I really don't like the Jekyll/OC pairing in LXG fan fiction. However, Sally Lockhart is copyright to Philip Pullman, who also wrote His Dark Materials. Now, there are spoilers for the Sally Lockhart series in this, so don't read if you are not familiar with the books. Sally is in her forties in this story, she was in her twenties in the book Shadow in the North, which was set in the 1870s. This might be similar to Jason Flemyng's sex scene in The Red Violin, but he's asking for it with abs like his. XD

(Copper and Gold)
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