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Shades of Blood and Gray: Chapter 1

Title: Shades of Blood and Gray
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Character Focus: Dorian Gray and Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, pure hatred
Rating: T for coarse language and violence
Summary: Dorian returns from the dead and he wants revenge. He kidnaps Mina's son to exchange for his portrait. With nothing to lose and no outside connections, Jekyll takes on the mission, even if it means sacrificing himself.
Disclaimer: LXG is copyright to 20th Century Fox, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neil. All characters of literature are copyright to their own creators. Only some characters are made from my imagination.
Author's Commentary: Whoever voted for this story, I thank you very much. I want to admit that I think this story was somewhat easy to think up and I've already got most of the plot sorted out. I thought that Black Summons was too cheesy, so I'm going to have Quincey Harker brought into the LXG universe differently. This was somewhat inspired by (clez) Clez's story Ghosts of Old, but there will be a lot of differences such as characters and Dorian's motives. Speaking of characters, they are all listed in the first chapter so we can track down who's who and their creators.

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