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Time Out of Mind

Title: Time Out of Mind
Fandom: LXG
Characters: Brigitte Fitzgerald; Mina Harker; Beatrix Kiddo; Ash ; Seth Gecko; Warlock; Hannibal Lector; Carrie White; Charlie McGee; Frank Dux; Shaun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While the American Secret Service may have crumbled from religious superstition and fear, Britain's Shadow Parliament has never faltered in it's protection of crown and country from any infernal force. Now it needs one of their 'undesirables' to come back and finish a job she started.
Disclaimer: I own very little in this world.
Author's Notes: This is LXG revamped. . .no pun intended. When I say 'Frank Dux' I mean JCVD from Bloodsport. Various shout-outs to film, tv, and literature. And yeah, it totally ties-in with my other League fiction.

Time Out of Mind - Links to chapters 1, 2, and 3 @ greenbat_fics
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